April Press Release

Illick Brothers Purchase Carlsons, Substantial Expansion Nearing Completion

            Carlson Building Supplies, a long-standing local home center and lumberyard, has been purchased by Ben and Josh Illick.  The grandsons of the former owner, Boyd Carlson, will continue to operate out of the Ashland, WI facility located at 414 3rd Ave E.  The brothers both hail from engineering backgrounds, but a love for the Chequamegon Bay area and a desire to continue their grandfather’s legacy brought them back home to Lake Superior.  The sale, which was effective January 1st, 2017, provided a much-needed exit for Boyd’s wife, Marie Carlson, while allowing the uninterrupted operation of Carlsons.

                Immediate expansion of the retail hardware section of the company was begun in mid-January, and will more than double the existing footprint. The new location will exhibit a ‘Retro-Industrial’ atmosphere, and will open on May 15th, 2017 with a Grand Opening scheduled for Saturday, June 10th. 

“The primary driver for the project stemmed from a lack of complete product offerings across all segments of the business.  With the new store, we are able to more effectively serve our customers, with a focus on bringing them superior products at a reasonable price.”, said Ben Illick.

On the quality of offerings Josh noted, “The bottom line is that if I wouldn’t put it in my own house, then we don’t want it in the store.  I think communities around the country are getting tired of the deteriorating quality of the products retail stores have to offer.”

                As part of the expansion, Carlsons has hired additional staff to improve quote turn-around times, reduce material damage, and provide superior customer service for contractors, real estate investors, and homeowners alike. 

                “We’ve moved some of the staff into areas that were more suited to their skill set, and hired additional team members as well.  We still plan to add 4 more positions before the new facility opens in May,” said Ben.  “We are committed to seeing this area thrive, and we hope that this community comes out to see how we can help them do that.”

                Carlsons has been operating out of its 414 3rd Ave E. location since 1980 and currently employs 26 full time team members. For more information about the company, you can visit their website at www.carlsonbuildingsupplies.com.