Carlson Building Supplies Integrates IBOS into Its Web Storefront System

For more than three decades, Carlson Building Supplies has been serving customers from Ashland Wisconsin and the Chequamegon Bay area, providing them with a combination of high-quality building products and services ranging from a tool and equipment rental store to customizable sheds and tiny homes.

Despite establishing a foothold in Wisconsin, Carlson Building Supplies has made efforts in stepping up its sales initiatives by focusing on the development of a viable e-commerce system that will enable them to reach a wider audience. To assist them in this campaign, Carlson Building Supplies has decided to integrate the various account management and e-commerce features offered by Builderwire Inc.’s IBOS 3.0 system.

With IBOS, Carlson Building Supplies provides customers with a quick and easy way to place orders and request for quotes with its brand-new online catalog. Using Builderwire’s innovative Connector technology, Carlson is able to sync all the information they need from its back-end system to its front-end catalog allowing the company to display up-to-date product information at the touch of a button.

Aside from an up-to-date web storefront, IBOS allows customers to create registered accounts that will give them access to their very own account information. Accessible 24/7, this account management system lets customers view current and archived data such as invoices, quotes, orders and statements. Customers also have the option to synch their data with Quickbooks – one of the top accounting software to date – to help them manage their account and billing details without having to log directly into the site.

IBOS also provides Carlson Building Supplies with a variety of content management and e-commerce tools to help enhance customer interaction. An integrated Newsletter feature lets Carlson deliver the latest company updates to its clients while the built-in Advertisement and Promotions applications enables the company to post banner and sidebar advertisements across all their website’s pages as well as display the latest promotional items for sale.

As a full service building supply store, Carlson Building Supplies believes that exceptional value and uncompromised quality goes hand-in-hand. With IBOS integrated into its web storefront system, Carlson Building Supplies can live up to this commitment by supplying customers with the finest building materials combined with excellent customer service.